01. Hello Mike, welcome to! It's a pleasure to be able to run this interview! 01. Hello, thank you too, it's a pleasure for me to be in your magazine and talk with you about our new album. 02. Congrats for an amazing album! Your fourth release is by far the blackest and most … Continue reading Interview STIGMHATE



> 01. Hello, Christopher, it is truly a pleasure to be able to talk to you! How are you? > Thank you! I'm doing great. > > 02. Every single piece of news related to your solo career is great news to me, so I was wired when I read about you working on the … Continue reading Interview CHRISTOPHER AMOTT


1. Hello Emil, welcome to Stagereport! What are you currently up to? I'm currently in Cleveland, Ohio wrapping up media and rehearsals for our new record and tour cycle. Chimaira's "Crown of Phantoms" will be out July 30th.  Other than that, I'm constantly teaching or practicing.   2. You presently have two full bands on … Continue reading Interview EMIL WERSTLER

Interview with AMORAL’s ARI KOIVUNEN

01. Hey Ari, thank you for taking the time to talk to! How are you? I'm pretty good thanks! Stoked about the summer raising it's head, although it's gray and wet at the moment. 02. Amoral will release a new album by the end of this year. Is postproduction currently underway? Guitars are re-ampped, … Continue reading Interview with AMORAL’s ARI KOIVUNEN


1. Greetings, Timo, this is Cristina of Thank you for taking the time to talk to us! Hey, no problem at all! How are you? 2. A new Stratovarius album is scheduled for Spring 2013. Can you share some details regarding this next album? (eventually name, if you guys are recording it already, etc) … Continue reading Interview TIMO KOTIPELTO